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What is the working process of the garlic planter

- Feb 05, 2018 -

We often see the garlic planter in the garlic cultivation, but rarely find the garlic farmers to work in the field scene. This is because the device has a high degree of autonomy, the operation is very convenient. So what is the working process of the device?

Garlic planter with on-demand technology, according to the row spacing and nest distance first use pressure cave conical pressure hole to form a certain size hole-shaped conical hole, the selected garlic clove free fall through the meridian, in the role of conical spiral guide tube Under the soil into the garlic root toward the lower teeth, just fall into the holes in the cone hole without tilting, seeder in the travel pressure cone and the splitter must be synchronized, the garlic flap free fall through the tapered spiral guide tube Lagging time, to make the garlic just to enter the hole. Conical spiral tube guide tube hole wall smooth inner diameter of the hole than the maximum size of garlic clove 10mm in order to make the garlic free fall under the effect of the cone-shaped spiral guide tube of garlic rooted into the downward facing teeth and not in the gambling . (Conical spiral guide tube model size: Conical guide tube diameter 50mm, cone diameter 900mm, lap height 1500mm)

Garlic planter with on-demand and conical spiral guide tube technology, taper hole hole size to ensure that the garlic buds into the soil will not tilt upward, the size of the tapered spiral guide tube determines the size of garlic bud into the soil upwards rate . The structure size and center of gravity of the garlic clove are about one third of the total length of the root of the root. The faster the falling speed and the faster the spin speed of the garlic clove in the conical spiral guide tube, the higher the upward rate of the garlic bud into the soil.

Therefore, the appropriate change and increase the size of the conical spiral guide tube structure, to ensure that the garlic buds to increase the rate of upward buds, you can also make a clove at the garlic catapult to increase the garlic in the cone spiral guide Tube drop speed and spin speed, increasing the rate of garlic buds into the soil. After certain calculation, the model size of the conical spiral guide tube can be changed, and the structure size of the conical spiral guide tube can be effectively reduced so that the structure size of the garlic seed drill makes the design more compact and reasonable, the functions are more perfect and the use is more convenient . Now recommended uncoated cone spiral guide tube model experiment Size: Conical spiral guide tube can be designed for the inner diameter of 50mm, the tube wall smooth and smooth, the cone diameter of 800mm, 1500mm ring height, the number of laps 1.25 or 1.5 Circle, so that the amount of garlic bud into the soil upwards the number of buds can be greater than 80% to 90% or more, basically to meet the planting of garlic planted upward buds.