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Garlic sorting machine sorting method introduced the difference

- Feb 05, 2018 -

General high-quality garlic sorting machine has a more humane sorting design, the use of chain-type and Akira-type is the more popular two!

Garlic sorting machine using the chain and Akira-type difference is as follows:

The first is the use of the chain of garlic sorting machine effect: chain-type sorting machine is also a vibrating screen, vibrating screen and Akira sieve almost the same role, are played garlic and soil vibrations separated from the role of transmission back.

In addition to a chain vibrator shaker that, there are one or two earth-leakage chain screen, garlic and soil again through the broken soil separation, dug out of garlic will fall to the surface will not be buried in the soil, it is Easily picked up all the manual, which will not result in the process of harvesting garlic to reduce production.

Chain harvester dug the land, soil than the scoop digging machines to dig out to be much smaller.

Followed by Akihide garlic sorter effect: shaking sieve sorter only a shaker, can not separate the soil and garlic clean, dig out the clods, garlic easy to drain and buried in the soil.

Chain sorting machine's leaky chain screen is a key component of the loop, rotating work in the job, need wear-resistant, non-elongation deformation, so the quality of the chain sieve garlic harvester quality control.

Chain screen mesh format and through format, separated chain screen is a small grid composed of a chain, the structure is stable, small garlic can not leak down, but even the hole wear will become larger, resulting in chain elongation, you need Truncation adjustment; chain format through the grid, the larger grid, garlic can easily drain to bury the earth. Chain screen is a special mesh format chain screen, chain with shaft structure, will not stretch, not easy to wear, the adjustment is relatively simple, the two screws up tight it. When working vibration impact is small, will not let the garlic sorter drivers have a sense of dizziness, impact on the sorting machine gear is small.

Everyone in the purchase of garlic harvester, the sales staff will need you for that type of product, is the chain or Akira screened