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Garlic Dehydration Equipment

  • Garlic Slicer
    Garlic Slicer
    Garlic slicer, mainly made of stainless steel, the configuration is reasonable, but also according to the needs of customers friend design, garlic is the best choice for processing manufacturers.
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  • Garlic Slicing Machine
    Garlic Slicing Machine
    Garlic slicing machinery made of stainless steel plate, the perfect design workmanship, the company has always followed the "integrity-based, quality and cheap" business philosophy.
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  • Garlic Drying Machine
    Garlic Drying Machine
    ​Garlic drying machine, made of stainless steel plate material, oven 18 meters × 3 meters × 3.5 meters can also be customized according to needs, the boiler can be used (gas, coal, electric heat storage) heating.
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  • Garlic Dryer
    Garlic Dryer
    Garlic dryer, drying area, wind pressure, air volume, drying temperature, speed can be adjusted to meet the garlic's characteristics and quality requirements.
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  • Fruit and Vegetable Dehydration Equipment
    Fruit and Vegetable Dehydration Equipment
    Fruit and vegetable dehydration equipment, with strong pertinence, practicality, energy efficiency, widely used in various types of regional and seasonal vegetables, dehydration of fruit, such as: garlic, pumpkin, konjac, white radish, yam, Bamboo shoots...
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  • Fruit and Vegetable Slicing Machine
    Fruit and Vegetable Slicing Machine
    Fruit and vegetable slicing machine, Pre-treatment of fruit and vegetable dehydration production line equipment is a series of fruits and vegetables before taking a series of cleaning, selection, wind election, blanching sterilization, cooling and other...
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  • Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine
    Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine
    Fruit and vegetable drying machine, according to the food processing plant good operating specifications for design and production, the product is stainless steel, in line with food hygiene export standards, compact structure, small footprint, easy...
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