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Black Garlic Equipment

  • Black Garlic Fermenter
    Black Garlic Fermenter
    Black garlic fermenter, heating speed, temperature control and high precision, energy efficient, made of stainless steel plate, strong product.
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  • Black Garlic Machine
    Black Garlic Machine
    Black garlic machinery, equipment to improve the flavor and quality of black garlic, shorten the processing time, to produce good quality black garlic good.
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  • Black Garlic Making Machine
    Black Garlic Making Machine
    Black garlic making machine, the current manufacture of 3T and 6-8T black garlic equipment, reasonable configuration of different prices. The whole set automatic temperature control, timing system over temperature alarm device.
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  • Black Garlic Production Line
    Black Garlic Production Line
    Black garlic production line, 3T black garlic equipment configuration, a fermentation machine, liner (304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel), the outer plate (201 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel), carts 18 (304 stainless steel), plate 792 304...
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  • Small Black Garlic Equipment
    Small Black Garlic Equipment
    Small black garlic equipment, heating speed, temperature control accuracy, high efficiency and energy saving, stainless steel plate production, excellent product quality, with automatic constant temperature and humidity function, improve the flavor and...
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