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Garlic peeling machine principle and characteristics

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Garlic has the efficacy of disinfection and sterilization, but also swelling pain has some medicinal value. At present, the market demand for garlic is very large, especially restaurants and canteens are two major consumer areas of garlic, but the effect of manual thin skin is very limited, specifically for the phenomenon of this market developed garlic peeling machine. So, garlic peeling machine working principle and characteristics of what is it?

Dry garlic peeling machine to compressed air for the production of power, after more air jet to produce a strong cyclone vortex garlic natural peeling, electricity, gas control garlic guide, peeling, the material automatically.


1, high degree of automation, one person can operate more than one;

2, the work process without water, no pollution to the environment;

3, garlic off rate is high;

4, garlic peeling process, not limited by the size of garlic, no sorting can be processed;

5, stable performance, practical, safe, easy operation and maintenance.

6, the use of polyion composite material combined with the principle of rotary force grill.

Garlic peeling machine is divided into wet peeling and dry peeling, wet peeling is generally used in deep processing of garlic. Due to pollution is too serious. Some local governments have banned wet garlic peeling machine. At present, wet garlic peeling machine has been on the market already small.