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The first operation of the garlic sub-machine need to pay attention to the details

- Feb 05, 2018 -

As the name suggests, garlic splitter is used to split the garlic of a farm machinery products, but also by the majority of farmers loved a product, agricultural personnel only when using the garlic sub-machine pay attention to some necessary details in order to be effective Reduce the failure rate of the products so as to ensure the working quality of the splitter and ensure the normal operation of the splitter. Therefore, the garlic splitter can work more smoothly for the agricultural splitter to observe the following three points of use.

Attention to the details First, the first operation of the garlic split valve machine, you should first check the fasteners have tightened, rotating part is not flexible, the bearing is not a lubricant. Garlic machinery should be placed on a smooth surface. After the motor is started, the rotor should be turned in the same direction as indicated on the implement. First idling a few minutes to observe whether there is any abnormal noise, garlic machinery is functioning properly, before evenly feeding garlic.

Pay attention to the details Second, when garlic is fed evenly, the right amount, can not contain iron filings, stones and other debris, in case of broken garlic rice and garlic caused mechanical failure. When the garlic covered with sieve sieve surface, only to open the rice mouth switch. According to the size of garlic choose a suitable screen. Garlic garlic inside the garlic increased, the motor can be moved down, in order to tension the fan belt, increase the amount of hair.

Attention to the details Third, the operation, people do not stand on the side of the belt drive, so as not to be injured. Use for a period of time, ready to store garlic machinery, should be its appearance of dust, dirt and internal remnants of grains and other debris removed, the belt removed and kept. Use diesel to clean all parts of bearings, dry and spread the butter. Sub-machine coverage should be placed in a dry warehouse, to avoid the sun and rain. Should ensure that the transmission parts and bearings have sufficient lubricant and regularly cleaned and replaced.

Garlic split machine running method:

Garlic splitter machine in the new factory engine and all moving parts have not been fully run-in. Due to running parts there is still processing marks. Used without wear and tear, will make the friction surface serious wear and tear, shorten the life of the engine and other parts. Before the break-in, the splitter is first filled with oil and gasoline. Fasten all the fixed parts, to ensure that the technical status intact. Start the engine, let the engine run at low speed for 10 minutes, increase the throttle and then run for 10 minutes, and then make the engine reach the maximum speed for 10 minutes, reduce the engine speed to engage the knife, and gradually reach the maximum speed for 30 minutes.