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How Safe And Efficient Use Of Garlic Split Machine?

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Garlic splitter machine is the garlic industry more frequently used equipment, the garlic for a reasonable division, not only reasonable guarantee the quality of garlic, but also make different prawns garlic effectively used, then you know how to efficiently The use of garlic split machine?

Safe and efficient use of garlic split machine has the following methods:

Garlic split petal machine with flexible plastic sheet, combined with unique design process to make artificial hand-stripped garlic to achieve the effect of sub-petal, garlic size can be used, according to the size of garlic can be adjusted up and down the gap between the two plastic plates, Large garlic big gap, small garlic small gap. After the separation of garlic skin, garlic, garlic root and the roots of the mud is blown away by fans can be collected separately, the good garlic by the conveyor conveyor to the screening machine, sorting machine garlic into garlic, small garlic and garlic petals After a separate bagging, a few are not separated from the garlic and even the valve from the back of the screening machine, these are not good garlic in the sun drying 0.5-1 hours after re-processing on it.

And split-type machine supporting the use of machines are conveyor, Sieve separator, sieve separator and hanger. These devices can be freely combined according to customer needs, increase or decrease. Sieve sorter has a separate power motor, suitable for processing large amount of users; flat screen sorter to split the power of the engine as the driving force for their own processing users, relatively flat screen sorter than the turn Screen sorting machine saves costs.

After each use is completed, should be able to timely clean-up work, but when cleaning do not use sprinkler spray. If there is slippery, we must promptly adjust, or it will be prone to deviation in the use of the phenomenon. Regularly to the garlic peeler gear, sprocket on the oil, the amount of each filling is appropriate, the bearing grease, depending on the use of appropriate amount to add and replace, you can use calcium-based grease.

If the garlic split-valve machine a part of a problem occurs, this time immediately stop working, its inspection and repair on it, troubleshooting can continue to use, is very convenient and efficient.