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What Are The Characteristics Of Garlic Harvester

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Garlic harvester features are as follows:

First, ultra-quiet:

Garlic harvester biggest advantage lies in the control of the simple and driving comfort. Advanced equipment, its own vibration is not large, the body noise is particularly small. Special emphasis on the product of the stability of the fuselage to enhance, to create a comfortable working environment for the operator. Improve machining accuracy and assembly accuracy, and improve suction and exhaust system to reduce noise.

Garlic harvester ultra-durable: the fuselage frame reinforcement; the unique grid-shaped conveyor belt, not only has the characteristics of rugged, specifically for the land environment is more harsh, especially the more geology of stones is particularly suitable.

Garlic harvester with low vibration motor and advanced vibration isolation device and the rational allocation of mechanical parts to reduce the vibration of the human body hazards; additional security protection devices to improve job safety.

Harvesting machine and digging, crushing, separation, collection as one, is a versatile joint garlic harvester, the machine vibration is small, to the tractor hand to bring a good working environment, mining depth of 40-45 cm, the net rate of up to 97 % Or more, the damage rate of less than 5%, soil and garlic effectively separated, collected into boxes, piles on the ground only one person fork to the car can be.

Special parts for garlic harvester:

(1) Conveyor Belt: The conveyor belt on the harvester is in a mesh structure. This design not only makes the conveyor belt more durable but also effectively prevents some of the smaller growing garlic from being missed. The whole conveyor belt will not appear like Simplicity jump tooth, drain garlic, the phenomenon of high failure rate.

(2) eccentric block: national patent product screw fastening, easier to disassemble.

(3) shaft and tug gear: a reasonable combination of keys.

Garlic harvester shaker, the former conveyor belt, after the conveyor belt, the separation system, collecting devices; harvester manganese plate, steel and other materials, special parts and shafts have been heat treatment.