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Garlic Planter Purchase And Maintenance Methods

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Garlic planter is used in garlic planting base is a very frequent equipment, whenever the garlic harvest is completed, as long as the weather environment, you need to use this equipment for a new round of garlic planting work. So a comprehensive understanding of this device can help you better use it

First, garlic seeder purchase

1. Conduct in-depth investigation into the specific agricultural conditions in the area, for example, the area of work, the topography of the field, the depth of sowing, the texture of the soil and the dry and wet conditions. In addition, we should also sow the crop varieties, sowing and other agronomic requirements as a choice of reference indicators, considering all the above factors, and then decided to buy the right type of planter.

2, select the model to determine the quality of planter

Safety first, the choice of seeder depends on its exposed gear, chain and other components for reliable protection device. Check the basic specifications of the machine to see opener disc, seed shaft, fertilizer shaft and other parts can be flexible operation; see whether the rack can withstand a certain load; to see whether there are artificial operating anti-skid pedals and anti-fall fence; Is there a safety sign on the fuselage? From the exterior to look inside, the appearance of the machine should be neat and intact, no sharp edges and corners, trimming, oil and other problems; primer must be coated with primer.

Second, garlic seeder maintenance

1, air-cooled machine can not use water to cool. Some drivers see the air-cooled machine temperature is high, worried about damage to the machine, with water to help cool down. In fact, a very wrong way to suddenly cool down with water, suddenly shrink cylinder liner, easy to pull the cylinder, broken rings, and even broken cylinder liner.

2, regular maintenance. Some experts think that a few days to engage in a maintenance on the line, in fact, the process of wear and tear is over time, the same class maintenance.

3, pay attention to the quality of fuel and lubricants. Fuel quality is poor, not only the power of the machine is not enough, but also to speed up the wear and tear of the pump and the core; lubricant quality, directly affect the start-up performance and service life of the machine, do not careless.

4, engine offset pad should not use sealant. Overlay cushion sealant, the excess glue easy access to the gear box, due to long hours of work and the suction pump, the sealant is easy to plug the oil into the hole, the crankshaft and connecting rod can not be effectively lubricated.

5, oil tank cover oil can not be sealed with film. After sealing the fuel tank, working for a long time creates a negative pressure in the fuel tank, resulting in insufficient oil supply, causing the machine to run black smoke and lack of motivation at work.

6, poor diesel atomization only change the nozzle. Poor diesel atomization nozzle problems, mostly high-pressure pump wear and tear, the pressure is small, resulting in less fuel.

7, do not tighten the screws on the body. Tiller is equipped with an aluminum alloy box engine, aluminum alloy hardness is obviously less than ductile iron, so all the screws on the body must be in accordance with the provisions of torque, especially the cylinder head screws, a little careless " Brushed. " And try not to tighten the screws when the heat engine.