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Garlic Why Should Use Garlic Split It

- Feb 05, 2018 -

When we buy garlic will find that there are two kinds of skin with and without the skin, the price is different! In the skinless clove, the price of a bigger, less visible, breakage is higher. In fact, the reason why the emergence of these differences between garlic, splitter with the use of garlic is directly related. Splitter This device design is very reasonable, but also to meet people's needs, then what are the advantages of this device?

Garlic split machine uses a specially designed peeling principle, peeling process, the garlic flap without any blade or hardness friction to ensure the integrity of processed materials, freshness and pollution-free. Moreover, the equipment generally used in the market also comes with drying and peeling automatic operation functions, meanwhile saving energy, high yield and high efficiency, easy to clean, the device is equipped with automatic temperature control and automatic guide device, , The product meets the hygienic standard, in addition, garlic is not easy to damage, after peeling can be stored for many days.

Garlic split machine in the design of the time considered in response to the concept of national energy saving and emission reduction, so with energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, good quality factors, well meet the current agricultural agriculture, high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, Health and safety requirements, greatly improving the production efficiency, and health indicators, increased by nearly 10 times than the manual peeled, broken rate and unruptured shell rate of less than or equal to 0.2%, broken shell rate of 99.8%. Mechanized production directly reduces the possibility of workers touching garlic and avoids secondary pollution. Garlic prices have a strong seasonal, when the off-season market supply sometimes even lead to disjunction, the application of the device, to a large extent, solve this problem, to meet the market demand for garlic.

Garlic split-machine performance advantages: the previous use of motor peeling garlic peeling machine dry grilled principle peeling, peel rate of only about 50%. Garlic bumps are very serious, I plant the latest production of garlic peeling machine with polycation composite peeling material, peeling rate can reach about 90%. Bump injury rate of about 60%, do not need air compressor, peeling rate can reach 90%, peeled garlic machine with air compressor peeling rate can reach more than 98%. Bump rate below 5%. Air compressor is an auxiliary peeling, to reduce bruising, so rotary air stripping garlic machine can achieve the above characteristics.

Summary This article we found that the garlic splitter machine, this device can help you effectively control the cost, to ensure 100% weight detection.

In the use of sorting machine feedback control to ensure effective filling volume, and can save costs and increase product profits. Improve product quality to meet the strict customer production process, save labor costs, reduce false rejection rate, to avoid rework and discard.