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Introduction Of Sowing Principle Of Garlic Planter

- Aug 20, 2018 -

  Garlic planter is ideal for large-scale planting,Can help achieve large-scale planting of garlic,On-demand principle of the device,Interested friends can learn with Xiaobian.5968783f41d87.JPG

Planter according to on-demand technology,Garlic according to the line spacing and the nest distance, first use the pressure cone pressure point to form a certain size hole-shaped cone,After the selected garlic cloves are freely dropped by the sorter, the garlic clove roots which are placed under the action of the conical spiral guide tube fall downwards into the hole of the cone hole without tilting,The seeder must be synchronized during the travel of the pressure cone and the seed separator.The lag time of the garlic clove to fall freely through the conical spiral guide tube is such that the garlic clove can just enter the hole.The diameter of the inner hole of the inner wall of the conical spiral tube is 10 mm larger than the maximum size of the garlic clove to allow the garlic clove to fall freely. Under the action of the conical spiral guide tube, the root of the Garlic clove is placed upwards and does not appear. 

The size and center of gravity of the garlic cloves are probably at the base of the big head.The faster the falling speed and the spin speed of the garlic clove in the conical spiral guide tube, the higher the rate of scaly buds entering the soil.

For the sowing principle of the garlic planter, we first understand this, I hope to help everyone!