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Several Common Malfunctions Of The Garlic Sorting Machine

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Garlic sorting equipment is a more commonly used device. It can accurately classify large quantities of garlic, but with the increase of audience, some problems are gradually emerging. Do you want to know what common malfunctions are there in the garlic sorting machine? Is there any good solution?

Common malfunction of garlic sorting machine:

One, why does the equipment weigh no weight?

1, see if any other items touch the weighing tray;

2. If the equipment is calibrated, it can be recalibrated.

3, whether the wind blows to the equipment;

4. Comparison of static weighing and dynamic weighing, if not consistent, can be corrected by "dynamic learning".

Two. Remove the device from action?

1. First check whether the power supply is connected to normal.

2, the power is normal, and then in the fault detection, click the corresponding "eliminate port" or not.

3. If no action is done, check if the port is selected in the culling port.

Three. The static weighing is not consistent with the dynamic weighing?

The weight of an object is in two states of static and winter. The result of the object itself has error, which can be corrected by "dynamic learning".

Four. The conveyor belt is not running?

1. When all the conveyer belts are not running, check the power supply.

2, one or two segments are not running. It can be checked by the motor and the drive by the motor and the driver.

Five. The problem of conveyor belt

1, if the equipment work abnormal operation or accuracy, speed and other deviations, please check whether there are cracks in the conveyor belt.

2, check the transmission with no deflection, if the deflection should be adjusted on both sides of the adjustment device, until the belt is not deflected;

Six, the problem of precision and speed

1, check whether the conveyor belt is cracking or deflection, such problems can be replaced or adjusted to the normal position, and then test;

2, check the operation interface, parameter setting is correct; parameter setting problems, according to the instructions to set to the set value, the measured products for the 10 time, check whether the accuracy of stability; (related to the specific content of the relevant content please reference "buy garlic Jintai machine sorting machine I teach you the knowledge")

Seven, correct reset after dismantling or checking the equipment

In order to check the disassembly of the connector, parts and parts, after the inspection, please reset the correct reset.

Eight. Failure caused by non device factors

Rapid environmental change, lightning or abnormal voltage and other abnormal power supply, machine crash and impact are not the causes of direct accidents caused by normal use. It is necessary for us to have a comprehensive inspection.