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Repair And Maintenance Of Garlic Sorting Machine

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Garlic sorter can classify garlic with different weight and size, save money and time for manual operation, and can distinguish more accurately. In order to ensure the accuracy of garlic sorting equipment, it is necessary to check and repair the equipment regularly, and maintain it properly. Only in this way can the work of garlic sorting equipment work smoothly.

1, clean scale body

Cut off the power supply and pull out the power line. The gauze soaked dry, then dipped in a certain amount of neutral cleaning liquid, the cleaning the display filter and other parts of the scale body.

Note: do not use any chemical solvents to clean. During the cleaning process, we should avoid splashing water into the scale. If we splash into the scale body, we must wait for the water to dry and then turn on the power. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock or damage the equipment.

2. Level correction

Check the scale body is normal, if there is a tilt, please adjust the balance foot, so that the bubble in the center position.

3. Clean the printer

Cut off the power supply, open the scale on the right side of the plastic door, hold the handle outside the plum printer, the printer out of balance. According to the printer at the front end of the reed, loosen the print head, the scales used in the annex to the special print head cleaning pen and gently wipe the print head, remove the dirt, wipe the caps on finished cleaning liquid volatilization anti pen, and wait for two minutes, to print head cleaning liquid sufficiently volatile, then closed the print head, the printer back into the scale body, close the plastic door, electricity detection, print clearly to normal use.

Note: the cleaning printhead must be cleaned with the cleaning pen attached to the scale. If the cleaning liquid in the cleaning pen is used, you can find some clean soft cloth and wipe it with a little anhydrous alcohol. The garlic sorting machine is strictly forbidden to use other cleaning fluid or wipes the print head with more hard articles, otherwise the printing head will be damaged. (we can see the mystery of Jintai machinery. The relevant introduction of the working process of the garlic sorting machine

4. Initialization

Bar code electronic scales with zero tracking and boot reset function, remove the boot on the pan body, ensure the balance under the condition of no wind power, such as the boot after a little weight display, you can press the "reset" key to scale back to zero.

Garlic sorting machine should ensure that no foreign body around the scale in the weighing process with pan, pan bottom should also ensure clean, no foreign body, or may cause problems such as inaccurate weighing.