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Garlic Harvester Operating In Different Environments Are The Same

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Garlic harvester can finish a series of agronomic links such as digging, earthmoving, transporting, finishing, cutting stem, collecting, transiting and so on. It is a product favored by agricultural workers. Most users will have garlic harvester when using the harvester In different environments, the method of operation is the same question, the company staff to organize the relevant content on the issue, I believe by reading the following content we can solve the problem.


Operation of windy weather: work in windy weather Garlic harvester do not travel in the wind to prevent the garlic harvester can not work properly; grain wind institutions on the wind side of the hair should be adjusted small, leeward of the air inlet adjustment, the purpose is Reduce the loss of clean air blowing belt and improve the quality of clean food.

Slope operation: try to avoid cross-slope driving operations; long-distance uphill harvesting, the sieve should be raised at the back, choose a larger sieve, inlet opening should be reduced to reduce food losses; short-distance uphill harvest , You do not have to adjust; downhill to harvest long distance, the sieve should be reduced at the back.

Humid field operation: Garlic harvester low-lying operation, the garlic harvester traveling device should be converted into crawler or half-tracked, in order to harvest crops in time; mud depth is greater, the unit to increase the width of the ground wheel to enhance non-slip Ability and maximize ground area to prevent machine sag.

How to do their daily lubrication lubrication work?

On the header of the knives, conveyor chains, and threshing part of the conveyor chain, pressure grass board and grass guide every 2-3 hours plus lubricants, garlic harvester lubrication should pay attention to the times. To refuel the rotating part of the harvester, lock the brake pedal to prevent accidents. Sweep weeds and ash daily. Grease every 200 hours with a grease gun. When filling with butter, it must be squeezed until fresh butter appears (complete removal of the original butter). Every 1000 hours to check the harvester walking wheel wear. Depending on the environment, the harvester operates differently depending on your environment.


In addition, fully automatic garlic harvester manufacturers work every day after the end of the timely cleaning of the air filter, remove the sponge, wash with clean water to dry, add a little oil, squeeze dry, transmission without maintenance within 2 years, 2 years after the replacement of gear oil