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Daily Maintenance Of Garlic Sorting Machine

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Only do the usual garlic sorting machine daily maintenance and maintenance, can reduce the failure probability of the garlic sorting machine, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and prolong the life of the machine of the ideal result, no matter what the machine must know the importance for the maintenance of the machine, the only way to make our work for.

The basic inspection before the work of the garlic sorting machine:

1. Ensure that the conveyor belt is intact

2. Ensure the nominal weight and set up the upper and lower limits of tolerance

3. The machine is tested more than 10 times to make its precision stable

4. Use one unqualified product to check the blow off device.

Daily maintenance of garlic sorting machine:

1. Confirm whether the conveyor belt is cracked or damaged

2, confirm whether the conveyor belt is distorted, closely observe whether there is a strange sound when the machine works, if it is, adjust the belt in the way mentioned earlier.

3, ensure that the conveyor belt is not overloaded, and avoids the damage of the conveyor belt weighing element.

The cleaning of the garlic sorting machine:

1. Make sure that the power is turned off before cleaning.

2. The conveyor belt is detachable and can be cleaned with warm water or disinfectant at 60 centigrade.

Malfunction Treatment of garlic sorting machine:

1. Execute according to the book of operation

2. Check the power supply

3. Check whether the cable is damaged or dismantling

4. Check whether the hardware and electronic components are loosened or disassembled.

5, check whether there are any breakages, burns, abnormal fever, discoloration, deformation and so on.

6. Clean corrosion or dirt, and they may cause any machine failure.

Ensure that all parts are reinstalled to the original state after the machine is dismantled.