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Familiar with the characteristics of garlic sorter is necessary

- Feb 05, 2018 -

I believe there are many friends who are fans of our company website, because the company's Web site will be updated from time to time on the garlic sorter, garlic splitter and other equipment related knowledge. This knowledge can effectively help you understand the garlic-related equipment, to help follow-up use. Today let us understand the characteristics of sorting machine it.

1, Garlic Sorting Machine adopts specially designed peeling principle, peeling process, the garlic does not completely through the blade and the hardness of friction, it can ensure the integrity of processed materials, freshness and pollution-free.

2, sorting machine has drying, peeling automation consistent operation, and practical, power saving, small size, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate characteristics.

3, sorting machine with automatic temperature control and automatic guide device, garlic peel garlic separation, the product meets health standards, garlic is not easy to damage due to the advantages of multi-day storage.

4, at the same time with automatic dehumidification device and automatic feeding device, easy to operate.

5, garlic, regardless of the size of the particles can be peeling together, Garlic clove garlic automatic separation, the product meets the health standards.

6, supporting one-stop production line or can be used alone.

7, garlic is not damaged because it can be stored for many days the advantages of peeled garlic light, the same effect and artificial peel.

8, production will be due to the season, origin, garlic varieties and quality related. Capacity of about: 40-300 kg / hour multiple models, off rate of more than 98%.

9, with the use of air compressors as a source of power, a peeling machine with the actual air pressure and flow corresponding to the air compressor.

10, sorting machine for garlic processing plants and restaurants, hotels, local markets and other places with garlic occasions.

11, sorting machine can take off less than 4cm red onions.

Garlic sorting machine is a fully automated equipment, instead of labor for everyone to bring a lot of convenience, and with the machine to ensure that garlic is not damaged, saving time and electricity, high efficiency, the performance of the machine rarely fails, And easy to clean and repair, and no pollution, in line with health standards, is a kind of energy saving machine.